FD Productions, Soul Rides and Jeremy Hanke worked with the Canadian Avalanche Association to build Throttle Decisions.

Jeremy's Avalanche business built a promo video for the 2013 season to showcase the business' products. 

 Another one of Jeremy's businesses, Straight Up Rides, Mini Kitty Video done by Tough Guy Productions.


A short edit by Stephan Riendeau showcasing some of Jeremy's snowmobiling talents.

Five Foot Airs (FFA) Short edit on Jeremy's sledding skills from the past.

Five Foot Airs (FFA) Short edit 2 Jeremy sledding. 

Aaron Niefer Media Short edit Jeremy Sledding.


Soul Rides Blog entry by Jeremy Hanke 

Jeremy Hanke edited video for avalanche out reach project for Carol Savage and BRP.


Soul Rides Research Project Video